When you meet your BFF

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Okay, I have a fun story for you!
Last year my friend and I ran off to the Demi Lovato concert as she was in SLC for her concert with Nick Jonas! So we made it a girls night and went and danced the night away!
We also tried to get close seats and as I walked down to snag close ones I ran into the CUTEST girl! Her name is LILY and she is the sweetest thing and came up and told me how she followed me on Instagram and we took a picture with each other and did a follow, follow on Instagram!
Okay, Ready for the cutest story!
So a few months later around Christmas, Lilys mom reached out to me for a cute idea to give to Lily!
I open up her message and lilys moms states that she wants to be in the blog world and post and learn about the social life of a blogger! So I made her a cute movie for her to open on Christmas morning for her to get excited to come hang out, shop and take some pics! (cute Christmas present idea from her mom, seriously)
SOOO we have made the fun vidoe and its all up on my YOU TUBE!
Click HERE to watch!