Walking into PERU!

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Dress: Mister Zimi
Shoes: Vince
Earrings: Free People

Peru has always been on my bucket list, seeing Machu Picchu was one of my many dreams and when the sweetest company: Acanela  Expeditions contacted me I fell to the floor and was so excited to meet there team and travel all over peru! My little brother ventured off to Peru without me last year and he loved it!
Peru is a place that I pictured everything different…it was colder ( also BE SURE TO ALWAYS CHECK THE WEATHER) I packed all my summer gear due to work and my guess that Peru is a hot destination….(as it wasn’t) The big city was clean, Sweetest people and every step you take is picture worthy! The style and food in Peru was so fun! I love everything boho and crazy designs and that is what Peru was.
Our first day we drove an hour to Matchu and we got there bright and early! The first 2 days we were up at 3 am and it was worth it. We wanted to go see it at sunrise so it was a perfect time!
Here are some pics and I can’t wait to share more about our experience!

Huge THANK YOU to @aCanelaExpeditions for takiong us all over PERU!