Vietnam Part 1

OHH Vietnam!
I have so many things to show you on this fun trip!
It was a trip that I honestly didn’t expect much from. I have seen so so many pictures from Vietnam and I just thought it would be OK! well, I do have to say, I LOVE IT! If you ever get the chance to travel there… GO!
HO CHI: (2 Nights)
We spent a week in Vietnam and started in Ho chi. We got in late & getting in late just shows you NOTHING so we kinda weren’t super stoked. AGAIN you gotta wait and see it!
We woke up and blasted our windows open and just that view got us excited!
We Stayed at the Silverland Yen Hotel and it was right across the street from all the huge markets and had a pretty pool on the top deck. We woke up and ran down to breakfast ad the coffee in Vietnam is amazing! We had all our fruits and bagels and we were out the door! We wanted to just explore the first day and see the locals and the tow. We wandered off to a few shops and my Christmas shopping begun.
Another thing Vietnam is known for is their coffee!! well I had 6 cups of coffee that day ha ha ha OOPS! So I had all the energy and yes I was so exhausted from the travels but stayed up late with all my energy!
We only had 2 nights in Ho chi and off to DA NANG!

DA NANG: (2 Nights)
Da Nang is popping up everywhere due to that amazing hand bridge! So we hired a driver ( I have his number, DM me if you need a driver in Da Nang) So if you are planning ongoing to the Hand bridge, prep for a full day! There are so many things to see and do up there! They also have a cafe up there and more things to see!
We spent the day taking pictures and exploring and the went back to our hotel and laid out… WE NEED SUN!
HOTEL: MELIA DANANG BEACH RESORT (totally loved this place)

Here are a few pics from the cities and what I wore:

White Jumper: Free People
Shoes: Madewell
Bag: Gucci

Look #2:
Dress: SPELL

Look #3:
Dress: ASOS

Look #4:
Dress: ASOS
Scarf: Madewell