Valentines Day!!!

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Oh Happy Valentines day! Did you remember this special day? It’s the day you celebrate love and friendship! I can’t tell you how fast this year has flown by! I swear yesterday was New Years as I was writing goals down!
So For Valentines I was going to write some of my favorite things to do so here we go:
TOP 5 Things to do:
#1: Girls night.. every year, because why not! Sometimes dating is hard and sometimes on and off and the girls/friends you love the most deserve this special little holiday and will be a blast!
#2: MOVIE NIGHT! This year we are off to go see the New 50 shades of Grey movie and yes, Maybe inappropriate but it looks so so good and I love watching people be so in love (will be me one day ha ha) But that will be exciting!
#3: The past few years I have been in New York for Fashion week and this is the first year in 5 I have been home! So In New York it’s usually CRAZY packed and we have a lazy night at our hotels! So If you are with your loved one, get comfy and be lazy together at home! The best, order some pizza (or guys, make something yummy and romantic)
#4: Spend your day with your family! Family to me is always number 1! Always! so give them a call, go hangout!
#5: Be with YOUR LOVED ONE! That day will mean the world. It’s a holiday you both will remember and have so much fun together! My biggest thing is make sure you giggle at least 3x that night! ha ha I love that and I hope y’all have the best night!