Things to see and do in Helsinki

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The places you go, The people you meet!
I have been dying to share all my Finland adventures and here we go! BUT if you have plans to go… Let me know! I want to know if it’s on your bucket list.
Okay randomly was craving Finland! First thing is first I think I just found out I was preggy and I wanted to freeze my butt off and I found the perfect place for this. So touch down in Helsinki.. Real quick, do you follow me on Instagram? I was calling HEL-SINK-II, HELL-SINKING I don’t even know if writing it out makes it more clear but I was going crazy and couldn’t say it for days and days!
Helsinki was so pretty and SO CLEAN! We stayed at the St. George hotel and was in the perfect location. It was one road away from the busy, crazy shopping that we lived on! We went mall hopping and tried all the food! We went and shot at a few fun random artic places and got creative at our spots. One thing I love about travel is how creative you can get! I have been blogging for 6 years now and when I shoot at home I feel like it isn’t super creative cuz I’ve shot there multiple times.
So that’s one reason I love to travel!
Helsinki is a fun location because you can also jump on a boat and run to small islands around the town and that was highly recommended but we decided to go way up North and see the nature!
We had to try Finland food and went to these places:
-El fant
-YES YES YES – It’s a vegan hot spot
-Andante… Yummy coffee cafe shop
-Restaurant Savotta (very very Finland style food) Ps: they eat reindeer, moose and bear there so that wasn’t really up my alley! BUt My gal Kortney LOVED it!
Helsinki places to see and SHOOT:
-Recatta Cafe (cutest Christmas feeling bakery spots) you can get yummy hot cocoa and pastries! AND SHOOT! SOO CUTE THERE
-Upsenki Catherdal- Super cool landscape and a fun place to create!
-Helsinki Cathedral (The pretty all white capital looking building) so pretty!
-Sibelius Monument (This place is the silver lines of metal… This place was so nice because it’s right by the Recatta cafe! So hit the 2 for 1!
Next stop: ROVANIEMI
WE FLEW FROM HELSINKI to ROVANIEMI and was only an hour flight. Kortney passed out and didn’t even realize we took off or landed haha she was soooo tired. We then rented a car and JETTED OFF! Okay, so there is a closer airport but it was like 500 dollars more to fly into and it was only an hour closer. I paid about 60-100 bucks I believe! It was cheap!
Our 2-hour drive began. It was soo pretty miles and miles of the prettiest tall trees and was foggy here and there and we both felt like we were in the Twilight movie. It was so fun! We then ran to our next hotel:
67 21 29
This space was magical! NO joke, it had miles and miles of igloos! Cabin, igloos, tiny igloos, cool igloos that was magical! They had the BEST FOOD (yep, I’m still craving it at the moment) and we didn’t really need to leave the property at all… Except to see the northern lights! MAGICAL!
So the perfect location up north for the lights!
We also signed up for seeing all the Huskies and went up to the mountains and hung out with them all! They are the coolest smartest dogs. So highly suggest that if you go either winter or summer time… PLAY WITH THE PUP PUPS!
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Next stop… 2-hour drive down to LAPLAND!!
Lapland was also the words… Magical. I feel like that’s my only word I can use because of how everything is set up!
Also, I believe they leave up their Christmas decor all year long because they claim that is where Santas story all came from! (I believed them)
We then jetted off to the top of the mountains and stayed at another magical hotel called
– LEVING LUT IGLOO HOTEL (highly suggest this spot)
This space is more right outside of a city due to the other one being miles and miles to find a gas station or a lunch spot! This place was my FAVORITE! We checked in and right away created content! We loved the staff there… They were so sweet and caring and asked if we needed anything at all times. We had dinner and breakfast at the top of the hotel every night and morning and they had yummy food. I had all vegan stuff (ya ya, I cheated finally and had chicken! It’s been a year so I had to)
Next day after creating magical content (ha ha can I call my own images that ha ha) we jetted up to the mountains for a hike and see some more huskies! That was so fun and the top of the valley was so pretty and you can see igloos all over the tiny town.
After 2 nights there we went back to the main city!
We stayed at the pretty Clarin hotel that was right on the water with a load of boats and fishing. It was fun that it was a different area with a pretty ocean view!
I can’t wait to hear if you make your way to Finland! If you do… LET ME KNOW.
Thank you so much for reading and have the BEST weekend!

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