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Okay, I’m here to give you deets and Inspo on running off to TULUM!
I was only there for 6 days… Seems like a fair amount but I could have stayed a few more days to go see every inch possible.
First off I booked a trip off to Cancun and snagged a driver from the Cancun airport!
I booked a shuttle from the referred company that the Air BnB provided but this is also a good one HERE  or if you take a step outside of the airport there will be a zillion options. 

Hour 45 minutes later:
T U L U M:

For those who know me, I’m a BALI girl. I would move there in 2 seconds if I didn’t meet the man of my dreams and I would be a beach bum and sell coconuts on the beach (no joke) I went there 4 times last year and wasn’t enough!
Okay TULUM gives me the same vibes as BALI! The designs and every corner are picture worthy & amazing! Shops are amazing, food is mind-blowing (ya I said that) and the beach is so pretty! That’s all that matters right?
Okay, so I stayed with an AirBnB that you can take a peek of HERE and I have a crush on THIS place! Good spots but outside of the shopping streets and the beach. About 10 minutes away. PS they don’t have uber there so you will need taxi a lot or rent a car.

Places you need to go and enjoy the BEST FOOD:

– MATCHY MATCHA: yummy juices!
– RAW LOVE: They have the best acai bowls, juices, smoothie bowls and anything you can think of
– AZULIK HOTEL: Fun date night for dinner and pictures
– NOMADE: YOU WILL CRY, This is for sure my favorite place! Run there and have lunch or dinner in their Morocco design restaurant (got the veggie bowls/ any kind is AMAZING)
– COCO: Go there for drinks on the beach, relax on the swing and have the perfect beach view.
– GITANO: Dinner and Live music!
– CASA JAGUAR: Good vibes, parties, and live music.

– BEJUCO HOTEL: (the prettiest entrance and beach view for dinner)
– HABITAS: (so my style)
– AZULIK: (The hotel of everyone’s dream, look this up or at least run there for pics)
– NOMADE: again amazing spot for food and stay
– CASA MALCA: Where I stayed!
– LA ZEBRA: Went there to layout and the best veggie tacos!

-Layout and relax and skip all over the beach and take zillion pictures!

Need your hair and makeup done for a night out? I got you! Contact: PREP TULUM (@preptulum on Insta) Sweetest gals with a major boho design salon!
If you go and have any questions or need more suggestions, I GOT YOU! Send me an email or an Insta DM! I hope you have so much fun out there and I will be back out there in March… cuz I’m obsessed!