Back to Switzerland!
One destination that I fell in love with and couldn’t wait to get back to… So I booked a ticket for Zephyr and me to run to a place that is so pretty in the fall!
Last time I ventured to Switzerland I didn’t have enough time to explore everything and cross off the bucket list destinations.
This time I wrote everything down I wanted to see and plan everything day by day!

Day 1: We flew right into Zurich and this time I rented a car… One thing is that I feel comfortable driving in countries that I can’t read the signs or figure out where I am and I like it:) That’s what google maps is for ha ha. So day 1 we rented a car and jetted right up to my biggest bucket list destination… FURKPASS! Have you seen that pretty hotel up in the mountains that have closed down and is still picture-worthy? Well, I jetted on my car and found it!
It was about a 2 1/2 hour car ride from Zurich and had the windy roads that make you feel like your tossing and turning for hours! It was crazy! That morning up in the mountains was also super muggy and foggy that I couldnt see a single thing in front of me while driving! I had a little anxiety!
We finally found our location and it was sooo funny… It wasn’t packed at all and right by an ice cave that people go hike in and no one was around the hotel which was PERFECT! I think we took pictures and had lunch there and more pictures for hours! SO if you want to jump to that location…Plugin:
-Furkpass Gletscher Hotel


Sweater: Mango
Pants: Madewell /

Black HERE
Shoes: Zara
Beanie: Madewell

Day 2: Back to Zurich… Mind you we are going back to Zurich every night! We probably could have just stayed in each town but traveling with a baby and hauling our luggage to every city would have been difficult! So we stayed at the Swiss Night hotel the entire week (Staff definitely knows us by name and we hang out with them and asked questions for hours ha ha)
Today we ventured off to another destination I have been dying to see and that is the Berggasthaus Aescher Hotel (OH MY GOSH) This place was magical and a little hike! You will jump on a trolley and take a 20 min ride up the mountain and from there it is about a 2-hour hike (not bad) and it’s worth it! We didn’t even take a ton of pics cuz I was in my hiking gear and it was chilly! It is such a fun outdoor adventure and another must-see! GET THERE

Sweater: Free People
Jeans: Madewell
Shoes: Free People

Day 3: Mirror mirror on the house!
OH MY GOSH.. I have stories on this place! IT was so cool and a lot of you have been asking if it’s a hotel & sadly it’s not! It would be cool but it’s just a fun mirror building in the middle of GStaad. This house is actually designed by an American (Doug Aiken) and it’s a clad of mirrors surrounded by cows and the PRETTIEST mountains!
Before we found the spot we saw this house down the road with cows and a guy outside gardening, We ask where the house was and he was very very creepy and all of us got this scary energy from him! Maybe having it almost Halloween and seen this creepy scary guy with a tin-fork gardening in the middle of nowhere reminded me of all the scary movies I have seen haha. He asked us a zillion questions and If we wanted to help him garden. (Mind you this house is kinda out in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by no houses of humans! So we started walking fast and back up to the main road!
20 min walk… WE FOUND IT!

Jumpsuit: FreePeople
Shoes: FreePeople

I Can’t wait to share the next few days with you! STAY TUNED