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Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: ( Short Boot HERE, Tall Boot HERE
Scarf: Madewell
Hat: H&M
Photos: Madeline Haley
IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE! (well ok, it’s been here for a week or two already) but you guys! It’s boot season.. My favorite! I couldn’t ever live in a place where boots were not approved when it’s 90 degrees all year long!
I have teamed up with to share my 2 favorite clark boots with you, a short boot and a tall rider boot… which you need both in your closet to be fully ready for the colder months. I also did a small interview with them below


S-What Details do you look for in a black boot?
M- When Shopping for the perfect fall boot, I tend to gravitate to the ones with a buckle or some detailing.. something that stands out and grabs my eye. I also love a good solid black but it has to have the perfect shape!

S- Whats the best style/length for Salt lake?
M- The best style for Salt Lake depends on the style and look you are going for, since it gets chilly early September I tend to ease into the ankle shorter boots but once the snow falls I transition into the taller boot for the snowfall.

S-When does boot season start for Salt Lake?
M- For me, I wish boot season was all year around…I’m definitely a boot lover but if you want to go along with the season you usually see people bringing them out late August and early September.

S-What lengths are most important for what outfit pairing?
M-Playing with length and styling I tend to go with the skirts and denim… I love pairing a tall boot with a skirt or a short boot with a good pair of skinny jeans. This season you’ll see a lot of the tall boot with a mini skirt for fall, which I have totally been loving!

S-What’s your favorite outfit to wear with a black ankle boot?
M- My favorite pairing with an ankle boot is the skinny jeans, a good pair of distressed black denim with a simple shirt and my favorite leather jacket and if the weather is in my favor throw on a scarf with a beanie.. Wa-laa! My favorite fall look.

S- What’s your favorite outfit to wear with a black knee high boot?
M- My favorite with a knee high boot will have to go on the comfort side, a pair of leggings a baggy shirt with a scarf or a longer coat. You can also keep it simple with a short sleeve top & a fedora hat to accessorize.

S- What’s the timeline of your boot collection?
M- Ahh that’s such hard one for me, if you would look in my closet I might even have a pair or two from High School ha ha, just because I loved the design or they have some nostalgic meaning to them.. but I would say I keep most for 2 seasons!

Know you know the 411 on Boot Season!
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