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Look #1:
Jumpsuit: Cleobella
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Bandana: Madewell
Shoes: Madewell
Look #2:
Swim Cover: Forever 21
Swim Suit: Forever 21
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Bandana: Madewell
Okay I will cry, like right now! I’m home from bali and I couldn’t be more sad.. .That has definitely been my favorite place so far, and yes I haven’t gone all over THAT much quite yet but that is definite the top of my list!
SoI have had a few gals email out and ask what to do and where to stay etc. out there but I have to say literally every inch of bali has somewhere to stay and go and chill.
Here was a few things that were on my bucket list when I went out there that you may need to go see and do!
1. Go see the Ubud monkey forest! It’s amazing, beautiful and covered in my favorite animal! MONKEYS:)
2. Go see the Tegalalang rice terrace. I believe its the biggest one out there and amazing, lots of fun shopping in that area and little food spots! Go see it!
3. Goa Gajah (super awesome place)
4. Pura Taman Sarawasti
5. Tirta Empul Temple. everyone told me about that and I didn’t get to stop by it but it looks amazing! so go check it out!
6. Make sure you go to all tiny little lunch cafe’s the best natural all organic juice and food and it’s the yummiest!
7. How do you get around? Well I;m not sure if I told you yet but I got hit on my scooter and it went flying into the water ha ha yes, I like the story now because it’s something I will remember but just FYI the scooter land is crazy busy out there so just be careful. It;s very cheap! Like $4.00 for 3 days! The best deal!
8.Small shops are all over town and they are very easy to knock down a few bucks, so if you’re shopping for souvenirs are sure you make a pit stop and knock them down a bit.
9. I stayed at all hotels but AirNb’s are amazing and low cost… SO Thats an option
Here are some you can’t miss out on:
-Padangbai & blue lagoon
-Green bowl
-Karma Beach
If you go to Bali, please let me know and send me DM pictures:) I am going back for my birthday FOR sure and can’t wait!
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