Pretty Places

Look 1:
Swim cover: Banana Moon
Swimsuit: Banana Moon
Look 2:
Jumper: Zara
Look 3:
Dress: Verge Girl
Counting down the days til my baby boy comes… This year has been crazy as things change so very fast and so unexpected. I have always wanted kids and a zillion of them but when it came I freaked out! It wasn’t planning it and if I was going to plan it wouldn’t be for years due to me wanting to be more & more successful in life & career! I need to do this on my list________ I need to do THIS on my list_______ etc! So getting married and getting preggy all in the same year there were so so many changes in my life that I think I haven’t been myself! Things just get crazy and work gets crazy then adds different things on your books and you just got an entire NEW routine!
I have been thinking 24-7 on what I’m going to do when baby gets here, will I still travel 24/7? I think the most I have been home in 4-5 years is 2 weeks due to me wanting to see the world, Should I start another career? Be a city gal and just keep up the blog life in SLC, Utah… So I don’t think my brain has turned off this subject for quite awhile! SOOO… I think when baby boy gets here it will all come together and life will answer itself and tell me what to do!
I will be home working and blogging at home and yes, occasionally going on trips with summer with the baby boy but I will be starting another something because I can’t just be a stay at home mama!
We will see where this fun summer will take us!!