On a beach in Hawaii

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Okay, when a gal craves winter destinations for awhile and NEEDS the sun… Hawaii was calling my Name! I have been to Hawaii every year now and it is a place that will never get old! I have been to all the islands and I was craving to go get warm!
So booked a flight to HONOLULU! Does anyone have that on their bucket list? have you been? Did you fall in love? You can get around the entire island in about 2 hours!!!! CRAZY RIGHT!
This time the gals and I stayed in major tourist island Waikiki 🙂 We wanted to lay out and shop on the DAILY! So that was the best location.
We had about 2 weeks there.. (mind you, we EXTENDED our stay) we were booked to go home and I was craving 4 more days.. so we booked it and purposely missed our flight and stayed some extra days!
We first spent 2 nights at the cutest hotel called The Surf Jack (HERE) and we fell in love with their cafe and shop that is attached! It’s also in the best locations and of course, cute rooms!
So look into that if you’re heading that way!
Next, up after laying out for 3 days straight at their poo,l we jump over to Shoreline Hotel (HERE) Which was so funky and color crazy! No,w these 2 hotels are around the corner from eachother! So easy to jump aroud and stay at differet places!

I want to share some of my favorite places in Hawaii that I couldn’t get enough of!

-Wakiki / first off… think of your top 25 favorite stores and you will find them ALL! That is the best girls trip!
-Olive + Oliver: Best chai latte ever!
-Leonards Bakery- YUM! YUM! + Pic worthy!
-Island Snow Hawaii- Shaved Ice anyone?
-Ted’s Bakery (North Shore and best lunch spot)
-Hale Pop: Hawaiin Hot Dog stop
-Steve Brothers: Try that! Yummy! Plus they have one in Utah as well if you are here!
-Roy’s Steak house: DATE NIGHT!
-ARVO!!!! AHHH PIC WORTHY & Delicious
-Gyu-kaku: I think we ate their 17 x in a row haha best food you can cook in front of you!
-The Laylow: Hotel and fun bar
-Duke’s: Fun Bar ad yummy dinner & drinks!

Surfer’s Paradise/Beach Life:
-North Shore
-Volcom Pipe House
-Sunset Beach/ Pipeline

Make a stop in Hawaii!
Thanks for reading!
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