What does Retinol do for the skin?”
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Before being a skincare junkie, I didn’t take good care of my skin. I would wash it every morning and night, but not with the right products to keep my skin clear and hydrated. Recently, going through esthetics and being conscious of everything I put on my skin, I can now answer that question with full knowledge of what it does for us, and I’ve come to realize that retinol can clear and brighten our skin within just 24 hours (dreamy, right?)

Since using the Olay Retinol24 Collection, it has really made me cautious of the products I use on a daily basis, and nowadays I want to treat my skin to a night routine! After using the products for a week or so, I noticed right away that I wasn’t wearing as much makeup and my skin had a bright and shiny glow to it – in a good way! My skin cleared up, looked far more hydrated and was all-around brighter. My Olay routine is better than any other products I’ve used in the past, due to my results… and can I mention the PRICE… I get my retinol for under $40.00… So brighter, better skin and less makeup for that cost, makes me want to keep up with my nightly routine.

As each day passes and we all get a little older (Yes, exciting right:) a big thing we need to take care of and put into our daily routine is our eye care treatments! I want to keep my eyes as moisturized and hydrated as possible as our eyelids will age over the years and we can prevent the look with Olay retinol serum. The eye cream penetrates deeply around our eyes and keeps the skin hydrated and firm. This product will also be brightening and evening our skin tone out. The formula is fragrance-free and absorbs quickly so we can then see the improvements of all, as well as our dark circles. I have put this into my nightly treatments and have already seen a significant difference around my eyes!

Fun fact about my retinol obsession is that it is the number one googled skin care product!!! Doesn’t that make you want to google and read all about it!? It’s the #1 most dermatologist-recommended ingredient for clients! It is so weird going to esthetics because initially, you may not realize how much there is to learn in the beauty world. After a bit of research and some small changes, it’s SO worth it, since our skin is the number one thing (especially as a girl) that we all obsess over. Another amazing thing with my Olay product (aside from the price) is that most women stop using Retinol products because of how much it usually costs. It’s typically an expensive product, but with Olay’s Retinol24 Collection, it helps to keep me on my skincare routine!\\

Affordable and most of all VERY USEFUL for my skin!

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