Off to Phuket!

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Swim: Everything but Water
Cover: ASOS
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Shoes: Nordstrom
Bandana: Madewell
Said goodbye to Bangkok and ran off to Phuket! It is BEAUTIFUL! its very put together and the beaches are of course, warm and so pretty! This is where we ran off and took care of the Elephants and we got so obsessed with them we did two days with them because it was absolutely amazing! We couldn’t have done it better!
We stayed at the Nai Harn hotel and that location was amazingly beautiful. The food of course was always something to write home about and the pool was so fun and it was right on the beach with the perfect view. We did Phuket for 3 days then we ran off to Phi Phi islands and more to come on that place! Hope you all have the best day and happy Sunday!