My workout routine!

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One thing that I hope never goes away is my early morning energy! My energy levels are at their highest first thing in the morning, so I
like to run to the gym before I start the rest of my day. I have so
much energy that I turn on music all over the house and get ready to run off and do my daily
workout! Something that has really helped with these early morning workouts is @JoinLadder App! I have a few friends that have also been using Ladder and they highly recommended it.

So I snagged it:)

Ladder gives you a 7-day free trial that I first tested out and loved! After you fill
out a brief questionnaire, Ladder helps you match with your ideal personal trainer through the
app. My trainer Andrea, She is is so nice and helpful! What is great about Ladder, is that your coach is always available to answer questions (And I always provide her with loads haha)

I have always wanted a personal trainer but with my crazy schedule I’m never in town on the days they are available, or I’m just
majorly jet lagged and always tardy 🙂 ha ha so having a personal trainer that I can access
anytime, anywhere via the Ladder app is right up my alley!

Do it on your time!
Your gym!

Here’s how to get started and get a one-week free trial, followed by a 25% discount on any
membership you choose after that:
1. Download the app HERE
2. Use the promo code: MEG for a one-week free trial of Ladder, followed by a 25%
discount on any membership
3. Get matched with your own coach and get started!