Make your way to Iceland:

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Okay, If you have Iceland on your travel list… This is where my gals & I went while exploring all over Iceland:)

_E N J O Y _
First off, we rented a car from Lagoon Cart Rental. We rented an SUV due to the MAJOR snowy roads! So make sure to get a bigger car and the insurance, because even if you get a chip on your windshield it will cost you 10 grand ūüôā So be very very careful driving!
Okay, so as you may know we flew into Reykjavik, I love this little town! Every building and shopping is so fun to walk around and explore! We went to Joe and the Juice several times and it was good! ( LA & NY I think you have these juice shops. UTAH is a slow follower so we don’t have this yet)

We also went to these places for the yummy things:
-Burro & Pablo
-American Bar (It’s American don’t go) haha explore their culture and cafes ha ha
-Saeta Svinio Gastropub: BEST BEETS and also got the Avocado chips! SO SO good! (Highly my fav)
So we spent two days in Rey and we slept in til 5:30 pm when we landed! Major time scheduled off!

The next adventure we drive off to is Vik, Vik is the place where we explored and seen the black beach, airplane in the middle of nowhere and much more so if you are also going on a road trip in Vik here is what I love:

-H√°lsanefshellir Cave / My favorite place we saw the black sand beach with the cool mountains that look fake on the side! So fun!
-Reyniskirkja – go see all their cute churches! It reminds me of Walter Mitty and I’m obsessed with that
-Kirkjufjara beach: we didn’t get a chance to stop there but I hear it is amazing in the summer!

So we spent a day out there and then jumped back on the road! Next stop we make it up to Hofn:
Hofn is pretty (I feel like I will be saying that in every part of this)

We stopped here for one night and we got in late and ran off to a restaurant called: Z bistro! My gal Amy and I are Vegan and they had nothing vegan on their menu so we asked what they could do and they made us the BEST SALAD (Ya just a salad but AMAZING X 1000) I would fly over today just to have that again! It was so good and filled with veggies to the top!
So if you stop in Höfn make sure to snag a yummy something at Z bistro!

We stayed at this location: HERE and the best, sweetest gals helped us with anything we needed! Plus this is the first hotel that had working tv haha so I suggest booking this if you are making the round!

Getting back on the road…

Touch down in Jökulsárlón!!

J√∂kuls√°rl√≥n has BAD roads! ¬†It hadn’t been this windy EVER! We were blowing away so badly but HAD to stop at one more place that we were all obsessing over… the Black Diamond Beach! This place was amazing. The winds were so bad I have never experienced anything like that before… I could barely make a step forward because the winds would blow you in the opposite direction! THIS WAS CRAZZYYY! If you missed my pics a few of them are on my Insta page HERE

So venturing out this way this time of year the roads are getting worse and worse the more North/West you traveled to! So we wanted to go up to the West coast but the snow storms and wind was throwing us off the roads!!! We were driving about 3 hours so far and all got a little scared and decide to turn around and head back to the main city¬†REYKJAVIK. We didn’t have that planned on our books but we kinda had nothing else to do besides getting stuck on the roads! We then had a chill last 2 days and didn’t stress about driving 4-6 hours! We recovered, caught up on what we missed out on in¬†REYKJAVIK. We went to more yummy places to eat tacos… I suggest going here: ¬†EL SANTO
We had the best time in Iceland! Saw some very cool spots! Got caught up in some major wind and snow storms, Didn’t see the Northern lights make sure to download MY AURORA app and that will help you know where to go and when! Don’t travel with girls haha you have to stay up late and go all over to find them sometimes! I even heard our own eyes can’t see them but our cameras will! SO if you have Iceland on your list I hope you have so much fun!