Little Star Bedding

Goodnight, Goodnight! Sleep tight… I see you in the morning & can’t wait!

Baby Zephyr has grown out of his tiny bed and is officially in a crib… Yes, you can imagine me with tears! My little guy is growing up so fast and I’m excited about his new crib that he can move around in and get comfy and he now tosses and turns in laughter. I just got his new crib sheets and blanket from Walmart Little Star bedding &  got their star styles which came with the fitted sheets and a big blanket for him and he sleeps with that every night! I couldn’t decide what style of Little Star bedding I loved most so I picked a few styles (see below) and I just will change his crib sheet out with those! Little Star bedding is 100% pure organic cotton and it’s a 3 piece bed set! My little guy is feeling so grown up now and he loves it!