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Touchdown in Jordan!
I have to say Jordan has been on my list FOREVER! I have always wanted to go over there, I wanted to explore everything over there, see everything! I finally cross it off my bucket list!
Flying into Jordan was CRAZY, I luckily got a window seat as I stared for hours until touch down. Jordan was all one color from above.. ONE COLOR!! it was all tan! haha we were in the desert FOR SURE! It was amazing… It was very very desert vibe and when we landed we could feel the heat!
We had a layover in New York then straight to Amman!
Our first day we arrived at 4:00.. after security, luggage etc. we got to the W hotel about 530 or so! The W hotel had the cutest decor and every other corner was different and retro and major cool! Super Edgy! (My Favorite Hotel so far)
We got into our room and they had the cutest things.. Cactus cupcakes ( I hope you all know cactus should be my middle name, I’m obsessed) the room was so cool- floor to ceiling windows with an amazing view of Amman!
So we spend the Night at the hotel and rest up for a full day in the AM!
We woke up early and ran out to the scenic places in Amman! We went to the Rome theatre (So so pretty) we then ventured to the Temple of Hercules. Amman is such a pretty place! We then ventured more around the city, grabbed a few taxi drivers (nicest people ever) and went sight seeing!
Next Up: PETRA!!!!
I will be blogging and showing all pics in the am!
PS: Let me know if Jordan is on your bucket list!!