It's called Love!

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Time to step away from the fashion and talk about LOVE… AKA… My Fiancé
Okay, Bentley and I met 4 years ago through a little app called INSTAGRAM! Ever heard of that ?☺️ We both live in Utah but he is from Florida (I love it there)
Bentley and I had such a fun first date, We went to a little cafe for lunch just to get the feel of each other and we chatted each others ears off for hours and hours!
We dated on and off for 4 years and then it happened.. HE ASKED ME THE PERFECT QUESTION and the answer was ” YES, YES, YES” We actually got engaged in August out in New Zealand but the outfit I was sporting and my look after a 25 hour flight wasn’t the best look. So we fly off to my favorite place in the world, BALI and get our images done out there while my favorite photographer @Clairehuntsberger was out there so it was the perfect timing!
We are getting married in March at a little destination place called… New Zealand and I can’t wait for our special day!
I love him forever and excited for this new chapter in our lives!