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Images in UDAIPUR: 

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New Dehli:

Okay as you know I flew into New Dehli to start my trip all over India. New Dehli is a place to check in and out of! It’s the closest airport to AGRA where you will see the Taj Mahal, So Start in New Dehli if possible. We first ran off to Humayun’s Tomb where all my first Images are (the red tone location) The Tomb was awesome and no one was there, it was easy to get too and on our way, we saw a zillion little goats wondering the street (that’s our first day.. little do we know we will see camels and elephants the next day and every day after that) Okay, anyway… I believe it’s like 5 USD to get into the location but once you get in and walk around there are a few really cool tombs you can go explore and of course take a zillion pics! 🙂
The Next day we went down to AGRA, (We kept our hotel up in New Dehli but yes.. keep reading and you will see why)  (OKAY ANYWAYS) We booked and Uber drive that drove us  3 hours away to just go walk around the Taj Mahal! My biggest thing is to book an early AM driver it takes about 3 in a car to get down there & 3 hrs. back so if you don’t stay down in Agra book a full day driver or snag a night in that location. Agra is a little more crammed and loads and loads of Monkeys and people and lots and lots of pic-pocketing so be careful and wear your bags in front, It is slammed down there! I also felt like it was a little more grubby but all the buildings, people, places to see are AMAZING! So we head out there early and head back to New Dehli so we can wake up the next day and fly out to Jaipur. Other things to see in New Dehli if you have  time:

-The Red Fort
-Jama Masjid
-Lodi Gardens
-Tomb of Safdar Jang
PS- My Luggage is still lost and the Airport has very very strict enterings and exiting. We got stopped A TON at the airport because they thought we were doing something sketchy and a guy stopped and took pictures of everything we had! Passport, luggage papers, phone number, etc. So New Dehli is sketchy and very hard to get in if you lost something ha ha ha I suggest packing a carry on if possible.


Landed and already 100x more excited about our next part of the trip! The air is fresh and you can see miles and miles down the road compared to New Dehli! Liking it already:)
Jaipur is a fun little spot, lots to see and the cutest people we met out there. We stayed at the Fairmont Jaipur! We were a little jet lagged Jaipur is where we went to sleep at 5/6 pm ha ha ha and woke up about 4-5am and in India breakfast doesn’t start til 9:30-10:30 so that sucked and we would have a long morning or go run out on the town shopping and exploring. This is what we went to go see:

-Amer Fort
-Hawa Mahal
Nagargarh Fort
-Panna Meena Ka Kund

Another amazing spot we found on the last day was the TAPRI- THE TEAH HOUSE. My favorite spot of all time! Go there and get any kind of tea and you will fall in love! I’m a major Tea girl and said BYE To coffee awhile ago! So that was the place for me. I also no longer eat Meat and they have the best tofu dishes that I’m currently been craving back at home.
We also would go to the WORLD TRADE PARK that is a mall with Zara and was just barely built within the last year! So if you need anything run there and they have a few legit cute shops & also has movie theatre ( No English movies out 🙂 but just if you need a night out that’s kinda the place to go.

** Another thing is there isn’t much nightlife out in India. We would ask around and people just walk the streets with their family and go to bed early haha so that was cute and we did the same**

Jaipur also has a few camel sites you can look up and we were planning on going to do that but I’m an animal physco and watching the camels and elephants on the street made me sad! But it’s kinda a must go and do in India so look up a few in Jaipur or the place to go is…. Pushkar (They have awesome desert camel events out there)
You wouldn’t need more than 2 days in Jaipur… We had 4 days which was way too much time! Book all your things short and sweet!


Another 4 days in our next location! UDAIPUR!
The place that stole our hearts! We had so much fun there.. it was different and easier to be out at night (PS: girls some areas are a little scary at night and a lot of girls gets there boobs and butts grabbed all over town so just be careful and safe, this also happens all over India so just beware full time) ANYWAY- Not sure if after 2 weeks we just were more open and about more at night! We had the best dinner and I’m still craving some so here are some restaurants that are our favorite!

There isn’t much stand out shopping in Udaipur it’s just a place to explore and go venture around town. Udaipur is my favorite and you will like that place the most if you go to these places I hope as well!

Raaj Bagh Restaurant
Khamma Ghani (Instagram picture in blue dress)
Hari Garh Restaurant (FAVORITE FAVORITE)
-Grasswood cafe
City Palace (5 bucks to get in)
-Monsoon Palace
-Sahastra Bahu Temples


-Daulatabad, Maharashtra
-Kailasa Temple
-Aurangabad Caves
-Chini Mahal
We didn’t have time to run here due to wasting so much timing waiting for my lost luggage haha so if you have time run over to Ellora and see these places that were on my list!
Also If you go to India and see any of these places, I want to know! Send me a DM or tag me in a post so I can see you wondering around INDIA:)
Have so much fun and be safe!