I can see clearly now!

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I can see clearly now my contacts are GONE!
One way to start the new off right is to see clearly with no CONTACTS, NO GLASSES! I have wanted to do this Lasik procedure for years but 1 thing is I am never in town! I have decided to put travel last on the list and run into Waite Vision in Lehi, Utah!
I went in for my consultation with so much excitement and so excited to see how this procedure goes about! I like learning what doctors go about thigs and what all the procedures and steps are. This was the easiest best decision I have ever made!
I’m going in for my consultation and first off is the team is so caring and kind that you feel right at home! They are so kind and will answer any question you may have!
I scheduled my appt. that week and I couldn’t hide my huge smile of how convenient this will be for me! I can’t tell you how many times on my travels I have forgotten my contacts! FORGOT! LIKE HOW! My contacts were the daily ones that you need a fresh pair every AM so my flights were hard because they would get dry fast & I would fall asleep and when I did I would open up to dry eyes and they would fall out!
SO the day of my procedure was so easy! Did you know the actual procedure is 10 mins or LESS! YOUR LIFE CHANGES THAT FAST!! They will put you thru 2 little laser systems and then you’re done! I then finished the doctor helped me stand up and what I see outside the window! HOLY CLEAR! I was seriously blown away! I wasted my life when I could have done this years ago. Contacts are a pain in the butt… You know they are! I then went home and rested my little eyes and napped for a few hours and woke up and saw clearly!
***I can see clearly now my contacts are gone (Sing it as the song ha ha)***

I highly suggest going to the best team, kindest doctor at the Waite Vision Location!

Here is their website for more information: HERE
Instagram: @WaiteVision