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Products: BioTherm
Can’t wait to finally share a few little things! Before I was a blogger I went to esthetician school and I did facials, waxing, brows, pedicures etc. I love giving facials (so I stayed in that department)… I would always look for my favorite products and do it at my house, well I finally FOUND MY FAVORITE EVER, Biotherm! I love how every product isn’t to thick and goes on smooth. I have seen so much improvement from using it & when I soak in the tub I have their mask on and my skin gets even better. A few months ago I got to go meet their group and have them answer all my questions I had for them! We had about 3 days with them and I thought it was perfect for me! They had a few bloggers come out to California and it was the perfect experience for me! Head over to my instagram and follow @BioThermWorld and you will love all the products you try. Use the Discount code: MEGAN10 for 10% off any purchase. Shop here: www.Biotherm-usa.com