Happy Saturday

Baby Bottles: Walmart
Baby Blankets: Walmart
Formula he loves: Walmart
Onesies: Walmart
Socks: Walmart
Binky: Walmart

The one thing my little boy  loves is Breakfast Lunch and Dinner (who doesn’t) AKA… His baby bottle full of enfamil is his favorite thing. He is on such a schedule that he is making mama life so easy. He will take all his naps through the day usually right on the dot. He does love his specific bottles that he is so use to and can’t live with out. When I first had him getting into bottles it was hard with all sorts of different tops and formula. He loves his purple enfamil and he downs it in his yellow bottle (see tagged above)

I think he gets dressed up to 4-5 days whether he is having a few throw ups or I get him dressed a ton for all my shoots (ha ha sorry little guy) I love that he finally got on binkies because he hated them for the first few months and I always think babies are so cute with binky  in! He is finally a binky lover and I love it! Shop all my favorites below: