Come on in!

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Welcome! Say hello to my Humble Abode!
Okay, Let’s first start off by saying it’s time to open up! Soo here is a little story… I have lived on my own since about 19 years old! I can’t tell you how old I am at the moment because I’m old ha ha.. But I’m sure you can take some guess after the story. Okay, anyway, I moved out and have never had room mates. I Lived in all different parts & cities of Utah all by myself plus my baby dogs!
I had a place in a cute area for about 5 years and I said to myself ” okay I got to get out and explore and see what the world is about” So I moved all my items, furniture and everything else into storage and I said FAREWELL!
I then traveled all over Costa rica, Dominican republic, Bali, Thailand, Europe and the list goes on and on! I then just came home about 2 months ago and finally found a spaced that I loved and decided to stay in Utah for a minute longer!
I have always been loved home decor but never really had the chance to get involved and concentrate on it. When I first had my house, I thought to myself “Why would I buy a coffee table when I can buy a Givenchy shoe , or whatever I was craving ha ha (don’t judge me)
Sooooo now is the time to sit back and fill up my obsession of HOME DECOR!! This is where the cutest shop comes in… Meet HUMBLE DWELLINGS! Humble Dwellings is the cutest, most down to earth people, the best designs you can think of!! They came into my space and helped me get my thoughts into action! This has definitely been the most favorite for me due to my home obsession stuff!
SOOOO head on over to see their site and shop accessories and home decor etc. They just launched their site and I couldn’t be happier for them!
Thanks so much for listening to me chat and open up!