But seriously, Don't get me down…

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Top: Wildfox
Pants: One Teaspoon
Shoes: Vince
Jacket: All Saints
Watch: MVMT
Rings: windsor
**Photos by: Paige Nicolle
Guys! I have been in bed literally since Monday! I have gotten nothing done and I have had flu symptoms but not the flu… ya know? I went to the doctor today and let’s just say I knew more than him (that doesn’t say a lot for him) I don’t have insurance at the moment so I walked in and paid the $75 fee, waited to see the doctor for almost an hour and by the time he got to me he said he thought I had strep throat (okay no I don’t) I have a bad fever, break out in the chills and can’t get warm and I have had a migraine for 4 straight days with the nausea of me throwing up ( know T.M.I) So he swabs my throat and leaves… that gave me time to play with all the cool medical tools in his office ha ha. Comes back with a negative strep test (DUH!!) so he then tells me “I’m kind of out of solutions here… you may want to go see your regular doctor or just let your body fight it” WHO SAYS THAT!!!
So I went for nothing and the dang doctor didn’t have a clue what he was doing! So bugged! I really am praying I’m better by tomorrow because this isn’t fun at all!! #PrayForMePeople ha ha
Okay I’m done complaining for now.. Wish me luck in the health department and thanks so much for reading!