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Onsies: Walmart
Socks: Walmart
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A whole new world… A dazzling place.. for you and ME! Haha anyone know what song I maybe singing!?
MAMA world is the best world and everything is all very new to get into. I always try to get the best my little zephyr needs & I have ran into walmart, I dont know how many times to grab my Z more diaers, wipes, socks, formula, onsies.. you name it, I’ve ran into grab it and go!
I can’t even explain how fast my little one has grown that walmart has all the best things baby needs for him to fit. Alot of the time I will get him dressed for the day, feed him and 3 seconds later his little burps and barfs all over his new outfit:) So I run to get his frequently styled white onsies and some socks. They are what you call… A LIFESAVER!!!!