Athena Club


Let’s talk about the products we LOVE… First, off can we take a second and look at the labeling…Dreamy! I have used this brand for months and months and just added to my Athena Family!
I have been using their tampons forever & I’m the girl as If it’s cute and major in need“Add to cart” is what comes to mind. The fun thing about these products is they are all good in size. Below I will highlight my favs and you can see all others I use below:

#1 My razor… It sticks to my shower and the metal attaches to the razor! MAGNET! Amazing and so in use. I swear all my razors are on the ground and get moldy and gross in seconds.

#2 My Daily Probiotics… Easy easy right in the AM after my coffee. H A P P Y

#3My body lotion: Here in Utah I have dry dry skin. So lotion is something I bow dow to and use when I need it. The scent, the texture and all the above is what us girls WANT and NEED.

I can go on and on about how in love I am with this line and how long I have used them.

So for MOTHERS DAY, I’m doing a fun giveaway to give one winner

Razor Kit,

All Day Deo,

Creamy Body Wash,

Dewy Body Lotion,

Daily Multi,

Daily Probiotic.

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