Being an esthetician before I got into my social media world and started my own fashion line that was my absolute passion! I would work and love learning about our skin, I loved learning about the products we use, the products our skin needs and products that are hydrating for our skin! I did this full time for 5-6 years and I believe if I did have a dream job I would be a skin scientist junkie! That’s how important skin is to me!

As that had been my #1 priority- I have aged a little (I know, I know.. we all do) but me being out traveling in the sun 24-7 my skin would suffer from hyperpigmentation and I have tried for YEARS to find a product that can help me and set my skin back to how it was. I have a big spot on my right side that I have finally found a product I enjoy doing every AM and PM because I am seeing RESULTS, and that’s why I’m jumping off the walls to show you my new skin care line that I will never put down- and that is- Agency!

Agency has provided me a AM and PM skincare routine, I have jumped on their site, uploaded some makeup free selfies, and had my virtual dermatology provider that looked at my skin to tell me exactly what my skin needs! That has been a major PLUS! They told me what product to use in AM (Dark Spot Formula) and my PM routine is the Future Formula. I used it for 2 weeks straight and didn’t miss a DAY. I saw more of a difference using Agency than I have from other products I tried for years!

My nighttime skincare routine looks like this:
1. Gentle cleanse – remove makeup and let my skin completely dry up
2. Apply a thin layer of my Future Formula to the entire face (yes, I’m smiling while this happens)
3. Apply Dark Spot Formula (I avoid eye area)

TA-DA.. and my Night-time routine is done! I have included a link below for you to submit your skin to the get in touch with that dermatology provider & to get your much needed skincare routine

Click here to get your FREE Trial (30 day trial. Just cover $4.95 S&H)