Adventuring around India!

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Traveling around India!
India has always been on my GO – TO List!  The culture and the people, food, architecture. I have always wanted to experience it!
I started in New Delhi… IT SMELLS BAD. Try not to stay long if you go, We stayed for 2 days and felt like 4 weeks due to me losing my luggage and I was on the phone 24-7 trying to see what I needed to do to find it ASAP.
So I call and call and 2 days later, NOTHING. So we head out to Jaipur, a beautiful cleaner city.The air is something you can see through in this area and that sounds weird but New Dehli is so grubby and muggy.
Off to Jaipur and they have shopping 🙂 So losing luggage was okay for a second! I head to Zara and get some clothing for 3 days.. Just incase:)

The Images above are in New Dehli and I’m wearing all Zara!
So Here is look #1