Zephyr Oaks Williams

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Well, my little baby is here!
It’s so crazy to think when I first got pregnant I have awhile until he is actually here (hello 9 months) that flew by and I’m so happy he is here and healthy!
Baby Zephyr showed up April 18th at 11 am! It was such a crazy night before as my water broke… and when I say BROKE it BROKE. I ran to the hospital about 10 PM and I always thought water would be the amount of just a small cup of water ( I know, I know TMI) but my water broke for a solid 2 hours! hahaha, I was so surprised by that.
I got into the hospital and they took me to my room and put my fashionable outfit on… it’s a keeper and I will show you my hospital gown another day! 😮 they gave me all the drugs and I wasn’t planning on taking ANY but after being preggy for so long I decided to get on it so it can all fly by and I can relax for 11 hours… which I did!
I went to the hospital dilated to a 1.4 and so 11 hours later I was ready for baby!
The doctor came in as I was at an 8.9 and they want you at a 10 but he said… ” OKAY let’s get this going” so there I went.. I started pushing and 20 minutes later my baby boy Zephyr was here… 7Lbs 7oz. and 20 inches long! I was so surprised at his length, no wonder I couldn’t fit a bite of anything in my belly!
I’m so happy baby boy is here and we were in the hospital for 2 days and I was so excited to finally come home! He has been so good as he has barely cried and when he does it’s the cutest, quietest cry!

BABY BOY… You’re already 10 days old! Slow it down and I can’t wait to live a fun and loving life with you!