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The Dreslyn


Margret Green Boot ( with Zipper )

Black Friday is almost … better than Christmas! ( ALMOST ) Every store ever imagined having a sale, so that just means I get my closet filled twice as fast and Christmas shopping done all in one day!  If you haven’t heard of The Dreslyn … well you’re missing out. Its the chicest, most classy/ minimal delish style. I love their natural soft color palette in every designers they carry. These black boots are killer (both styles). They already are in my cart ready to check out! As well as those Illesteva sunnies, which I have been eyeing for quite awhile. So Happy Black Friday (One more day ) and get started at The Dresyln. All original marked items are 205 off with the code: BLACKFRIDAY // 70% off selected sale items. #WELLTHATSAMAZING! 


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Patchwork Denim

EmmyLowePhotoMeg-57 copy EmmyLowePhotoMeg-63 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-69 copy EmmyLowePhotoMeg-59 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-61 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-64 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-71 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-66-1 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-67 copy EmmyLowePhotoMeg-62 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-58 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-70 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-66

Shoes: Steve Madden ( Similar)
Jacket: Iro 
Handbag: Nordstrom Rack ( Similar ) 
Photography: Emmy Lowe 


I was in Nordstrom Rack last week and I stumbled on these jeans.. at first I took a glance and thought  “I can’t pull those off” so I kept walking around and 30 minutes later  I still couldn’t get them off my mind … So I snagged them of course and they are my favorite! I love the edgy vibe and I haven’t seen anything like these around ( which I love when that happens.) Also I could totally see my bestie wearing these  jeans, I love gifting anything from Nordstrom Rack, whats better than giving and saving?! Perfect for the holidays, Thanks so much for reading! Xx


**This post is sponsored by Nordstrom Rack, all thoughts are my own.

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SunDance Days

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Laid Back with Sara

EmmyLowePhotoAlbionFitMeg.Love-16 copy EmmyLowePhotoAlbionFitMeg.Love-48 EmmyLowePhotoAlbionFitMeg.Love-1 EmmyLowePhotoAlbionFitMeg.Love-35 EmmyLowePhotoAlbionFitMeg.Love-54 EmmyLowePhotoAlbionFitMeg.Love-3 EmmyLowePhotoAlbionFitMeg.Love-32 EmmyLowePhotoAlbionFitMeg.Love-63 copy EmmyLowePhotoAlbionFitMeg.Love-53 EmmyLowePhotoAlbionFitMeg.Love-38 EmmyLowePhotoAlbionFitMeg.Love-36 copy EmmyLowePhotoAlbionFitMeg.Love-43 EmmyLowePhotoAlbionFitMeg.Love-59 EmmyLowePhotoAlbionFitMeg.Love-50

Meg’s Outfit
Jacket: Albion Fit 
Leggings: Albion Fit 
Plaid Shirt: J.Crew  ( 25% off online store and retail stores with code: SHOPNOW )
Shoes: Nike 
Sara’s Outfit:
Hoodie: Albion Fit 
Leggings: Albion Fit 
Shoes: Converse
Coat: Target
Beanie: Steve Madden
Photography by: Emmy Lowe
It’s kinda my favorite thing ever to do a once a month collab with my bestie. Today we teamed up with Albion fit to do a seriously sweet giveaway for you and YOUR bestie ( Awesome, we know! )  Heres how to enter:
1. Must follow ME / SARA / ALBION FIT on Instagram
2. Tag Your BFF
You and that babe will be winning $100.00 GC to Albion fit ( I feel like I almost have their entire store .. NOT mad about it at all )
If you are having the urge to shop on a cold Monday Morning .. Gotchya covered girl! Use the code: STYLEDLOVE15 for 15% off your purchase!
Thanks for reading and RUN to our Insta accounts to enter Xx

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