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Light Denim

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Crop Top Sweater: Urban Outfitters / Similar HERE
Jeans: Frame Denim
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Beanie: Urban Outfitters (Mens) Want THIS
Bag: Celine
Sunnies: Celine
Jewelry: Alex and Ani, John Hardy
Photos by: Emmy Lowe

Well hello again. It’s Monday and I’m excited to be home! Went on a quick weekender to warmer weather and was so nice to get away, do a little shopping as always and eat delish food.
Hope your Monday is the best ever.
OH Ps: The Crop is sold out… everything I get from Urban it sales so so fast! So sorry if somethings aren’t the exact thing I’m wearing, I love to find other items that are similar or I think would look awesome! Just an FYI


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Top: Urban Outfitters
Skinnies: G Star or HERE
Jacket: Zara or HERE
Shoes: New Balance
Watch: Nixon or gold one HERE
Beanie: Snagged from Emmy.  More HERE
Backpack: Rebecca Minkoff
Photos By: Emmy Lowe

It’s Friday. I’m off to Vegas! Wahoo … Heading to a better land of shopping to get some new items for the big trip to New York next month. Also … wanna know a secret? While I’m in NY I will be looking at places to make a small little move:) I need a change. New Vibes. New adventures. New Atmosphere. New Lifestyle Routine. I love Utah but I would love to do something fun and crazy while I’m young single and no strings attached. So I would pack up my dogs and move (If everything goes smooth this trip) If not… looks like I will find a new destination to move to. Do you ever feel like being crazy and picking up and leaving and seeing where life takes you? Happy Friday!


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3 looks by Zach French

Photo Jan 16-11 Photo Jan 16-13 Photo Jan 16-12 Photo Jan 16-1 Photo Jan 16-2 Photo Jan 16-8 Photo Jan 16 Photo Jan 16-10 Photo Jan 16-5 Photo Jan 16-7 Photo Jan 16-6 Photo Jan 16-4

Look #1:

Hoodie: H&M / Similar HERE
Vest: G Star
Pants: James Perse
Shoes: Vince
Bag: Balenciaga

Look 2#:

Dress: Alexander Wang
Leather Jacket: Veda
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Waist Wrap: American Eagle
Bag: Balenciaga

Look #3:

Top: Nasty Gal / Get THIS
Jean: G Star
Sweater:Urban Outfitters
Shoe: Alexander Wang
Bag: Celine

*Photos by: Zach French

Had the opportunity to meet Zach French, a Local photographer here in Salt Lake and I love all his work he creates. We shot 3 looks the other day and I love his rich contrast and eye for shooting. Thanks so much and it was great shooting with you! If you are local, hit him up for a shoot.


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Clean Cut

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Top: Equipment
Denim: Frame Denim
Shoes: Dolce Vita ( Sold Out ) Similar HERE
Bag: Chanel
Jewelry: John Hardy, Alex & Ani
Watch: Nixon
Photos by: Emmy Lowe


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