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Styling’ with Post

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Today is all about stylin’ with -Which has quickly became one of my favorites to find the exact item I’m looking for.
Last week I was searching for some Tory Burch shoes and found … I found the shoe and it forwarded me to the site that has the shoe in stock! UMMM HI PERFECT! It cuts searching for things in half and gives you so many options on the designer you are searching for. HMMM what more do you need. Check out one of my new favs


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City Hangin’

EmmyLowePhotoMegNordstrom-22 copy EmmyLowePhotoMegNordstrom-2 EmmyLowePhotoMegNordstrom-15 EmmyLowePhotoMegNordstrom-9 EmmyLowePhotoMegNordstrom-28 EmmyLowePhotoMegNordstrom-3 EmmyLowePhotoMegNordstrom-25 EmmyLowePhotoMegNordstrom-19 EmmyLowePhotoMegNordstrom-29 EmmyLowePhotoMegNordstrom-16 EmmyLowePhotoMegNordstrom-12 EmmyLowePhotoMegNordstrom-24 EmmyLowePhotoMegNordstrom-4

Vest: TopShop
White Top: Zara / Similar Here
Navy Top: Equipment
Jeans: UNIF / Similar HERE
Shoes: Zara / Similar HERE
Sunnies: Celine
Bracelets: Alex & Ani
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Photos by: Emmy Lowe

Oh hi… It’s me!
This is a layered look pretending that its not cold outside:) Vests are kinda my favorite thing lately. Layer, wear alone, long sleeve under or tank… This is one of my favorites. Happy Monday! Xx


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My Look with French Connection

EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-1 copy EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-24-2 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-16-3 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-42-2 copy EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-7-2 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-2-2 copy EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-18 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-29 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-42-2 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-13-3 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-11-2 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-28-2 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-19-2 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-46-2 copy EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-14-2 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-35 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-47 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-50-2 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMEg-48-2


Pants: French Connection
Top: French Connection
Shoes: MB
Coat: Zara / Love THIS
Clutch: ASOS
Sunnies: Celine
Photos by: Emmy Lowe

My week has been crazy so I’m pretty excited that it’s Friday.
This was a look I picked out from FC while I was in NYC. There Soho store is dreamy and full of fun colors and the perfect look for spring and summer.. Now only if summer can come faster! Xx


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White on White on White

EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMeg-28 copy EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMeg-4 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMeg-14 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMeg-7 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMeg-21 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMeg-25-2 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMeg-11 copy EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMeg-5 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMeg-27-2 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMeg-22 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMeg-13-2 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMeg-10 EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMeg-13-2 copy EmmyLowePhotoNYFWMeg-24

Top: Kingdom & State (Not yet Released)
Pants: TopShop
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Coat: Zara
Scarf: Nordstrom
Sunnies: Celine
Bag: Chanel
Gloves: Forever 21
Photos by: Emmy Lowe

Happy Monday and here is another look from NYFW. Wearing a Kingdom and State top that has yet been released! (can’t wait for you all to see what else they have brewing up over there) Thanks for stopping by! XX


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