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Floral Bomber

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T-Shirt: Nordstrom
Jacket: Pleated Empire
Jeans: Blank NYC
Shoes: Zara
Sunnies: Celine
Photos by: Emmy Lowe

Hey all! Blogging on a sunday … I needed it:)
This week has been crazy and I have been working alot so I feel being absent for a few days, this was needed. Happy Sunday


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Pineapple Party

EmmyLowePhotoMegPineapple-8 copy EmmyLowePhotoMegPineapple-24 EmmyLowePhotoMegPineapple-28 EmmyLowePhotoMegPineapple-2 EmmyLowePhotoMegPineapple-25 EmmyLowePhotoMegPineapple-23 EmmyLowePhotoMegPineapple-9 EmmyLowePhotoMegPineapple-26 EmmyLowePhotoMegPineapple-29 EmmyLowePhotoMegPineapple-18 EmmyLowePhotoMegPineapple-30

Top Crop & Skirt: Nordstrom ( The skirt is sold out)
Shoes: Vans
Sunnies: Wildfox
Necklace: Nordstrom
Making an appearance: Bizzy & Booger:)
Photos by: Emmy Lowe

Like … guys …. REALLY!!!!
Any tropical print you should just sign me up. LIKE FAST TOO.
I was at Vans the other day picking up these sweet kicks and they just came out with a tropical line and my jaw was on the floor. Just you wait and see what ones they have out now! you will get the goosebumps they are so good, kinda like this tasty pineapple ensemble.Xx


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EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAvenue-10-4 copy EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAvenue-22-3 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAvenue-2-3 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAvenue-11-4 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAvenue-3-5 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAvenue-26-3 copy EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAvenue-4-5 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAvenue-14-3 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAvenue-1-3 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAvenue-16-3 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAvenue-12-4

Top: Nordstrom
Jeans: Blank NYC
Heels: Forever 21 / Just snagged THESE
Sunglasses: Quay
Photos by: Emmy Lowe

A simple white tee shirt can make you look simple – like you didn’t try hard at all!
My favorite look is a destroyed jean and a white tee with vans.. boys or girls- there is just something about it!
I’ve had the best week, the sun is finally out and I feel like everything is dropping into place. Do you ever feel like you are finally yourself or you are in the right spot where you are suppose to be at the right time? I feel like life is pretty fun and exciting at the moment and life is all about being happy, laughing and having fun!
Thanks for reading! Xx


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Thrashed Denim

EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-5-3 copy EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-4-3 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-8-3 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-17-3 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-26-3 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-11-3


Top: Nordstrom B.P
Denim: Frame Denim
Shoe: Manolo Blanhnik
Bag: Proenza Shouler
Denim Acid Wash Wrap: Blank NYC
Jewels: Alex & Ani
Sunnies: Quay
Photos by: Emmy Lowe

You Guys!!
These white pants are the best things that has happened to me. (Besides the hunk of a hunk I’ve been seeing:) but that’s another story….. ANYWAY- but seriously I wear them with my converse shoes, heels, plus I love summer feel they are giving me. If any piece of clothing is totally thrashed and looks ruined/worn I love it. I love a look that’s effortless, easy and seems careless.
I’m currently in Austin at the moment for #SXSW music festival and I love it here, The food is amazing, People are the nicest and it’s beautiful here. I’m snapping NON-STOP so If you wanna glimpse into my everyday weirdness add me:) Meg_legs


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