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Winter Peach

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Tank: Urban Outfitters / Love THIS
Jean: Mink Pink
Bag: Chanel
Wrap: Dittos Brand / Get THIS
Leather jacket: Vince 
Photos by: Emmy Lowe 
So you are probably wondering why I am wearing a tank … In December … In Utah! Well There is NO SNOW ( which I’m so sad about, winter is my favorite ) and it’s still slightly warm .. Kinda ha ha! So I snagged a peach tank. First in my closet. wont be the last!
This weekend should be really fun & exciting… I love when exciting things are happening or going on in life. Hope you all have a good weekend, Happy almost Friday. Xx

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Holiday Dress

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Meg & Sara’s Dress: Kingdom & State
Shoes:  BP
Jacket: Blank NYC
Bag: Chanel

Sara Shoes: Sam Edelman ( old ) Similar HERE
Photos by: Jessa Kae
Another Giveaway you wont want to miss!
Sara & I have teamed up with Kingdom & State to bring you a Holiday wear giveaway for you and your best friend! You each will win a K&S dress – Make sure to tag your bestie and you also will get the chance to win sara’s coat. Enter now to win on my Instagram Account. Thanks so much for reading and happy entering.
MEGS Instagram:  HERE

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All that Glitters f/ Love by lynn

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Meg’s Dress: Nasty Gal ( Sold out ) Similar Here
Lips:  HERE
Sara’s Dress: Shop Tobi 
Shoes: Zara / Similar HERE , Here & Here
Lips: Ruby Woo
Gloss: HERE
Photography By: Emily Lowe 
Makeup by: Jill Marie 
The best thing about the Holidays is the HOLIDAY PARTIES! I love all the Christmas Dinners, Ugly Sweater parties, New Years parties etc. The perfect dress always has a little Glitter & Sparkle. I snagged this dress right before it sold out last week and I’m so sad its not back in stock… it fits like a glove and it’s one of my favorites in a long time! The color, the cut I fell right in love. Hope you love our idea of a holiday party dress! Don’t forget to check out Sara’s blog for more dress ideas. Happy Holidays and thanks for reading. XOXO

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Christmas Slumber Party

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Meg’s Outfit-
Makeup By: Jill Marie 
Socks: Woven Pear
MegLegs Insta HERE
Sarah’s Outfit-
Top: Victora Secret
Makeup by: Jill Marie 
Photography by: Emmy Lowe

Giveaway TIME!!!

Sara from Love By Lynn &  I are giving away $100.00 gift card to Victoria Secret to our followers. Head over to My Insta account and see how to enter! Good luck and thanks for reading Xx


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