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Black Lace

EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-65 copy EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-54 EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-72 EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-96 copy EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-74 EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-39 EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-172 EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-158 EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-143 EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-68 EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-100-1 EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-112 EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-179 EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-137 copy EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-190 EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-180 EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-186 copy EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-182 EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-121 EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-98 copy EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-187 EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-189 copy EmmyLowePhotoNightmareGarden-195


High Waisted Bottoms: Urban Outfitters 
Photos by: Emmy Lowe
Makeup by: Jill Petersen
Florals by: Rachel Osguthorpe
Hair by: Kelly Packer
Happy ( ALMOST ) Halloween! Emmy and Rachel had Florals of the month and asked me to bring their concept to life of a haunted garden/Style shoot, of course I was all in!
I had been eyeing this dress for a few months and really had no where to wear it and when Em asked me it was the first thing to pop in my mind. It was the perfect look for a halloween Inspired haunted dark look!
Hope you are having the best week! Xx

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Mixing Plaids

EmmyLowePhotoMegF21-5 EmmyLowePhotoMegF21-4 EmmyLowePhotoMegF21-6 EmmyLowePhotoMegF21-7 EmmyLowePhotoMegF21-2

Jeans: Helmut lang
Shoes: Nike 
Plaid Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Crossbody: Marc Jacobs
Photography By: Emily Lowe

** This Post is Sponsored by Forever 21 & Shop Style **


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Deathly Hollow

EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-12 copy EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-30 EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-88 EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-5 EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-58-1 EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-23 EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-46 EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-80 copy EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-52 EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-24 EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-1 EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-50 EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-21 copy EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-53 EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-92 EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-19 EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-89 EmmyLowePhotoMegHallows-86

Meg’s Outfit: 

Jeans: Nasty Gal
Shoes: Similar HERE
Jewelry: Alex & Ani
Bra: Nasty gal ( On Sale )


Sara’s Outfit:
Shoes: Docs
Photography by: Emmy Lowe
Makeup by: Jill Peterson


Can you tell we had too much fun on this shoot, Jill is amazing! Jill did my Halloween makeup last year and when Sara and I were talking about our October collab I knew I had to introduce you guys.
Makeup took us about 1.5 hours each to do since it was so detailed then met up with the one and only Emmy to shoot our fun look.  Once you get all of us together we laugh for hours and forget we are shooting:) I love having such good friends that make me laugh for hours!
I seriously couldn’t wait to show you guys these pictures ( can you tell due to the picture overload.) Halloween is one of my favorite holidays… watching my niece & nephews run around the neighborhood in their cute costumes.
PS: Head over to my INSTA for the chance to get your halloween makeup done by Jill.
Thanks for reading .. Sorry we look so SPPOOOKKKKYYYY!!!!

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