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London Town

EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-25 copy EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-21 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-18 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-23 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-17 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-19 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-28EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-28EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-28EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-28 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-20 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-27 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-24

Shorts: Nordstrom
Leather Jacket: IRO Also own THIS one
Photography by: Emily Lowe
So I bought these boots last year and I am so glad I did. It’s a style that I feel will never go out… wear with shorts, leggings, denim etc. Also they are the most comfy :) Im all about comfort. I bought this IRO jacket and I am still dreaming of the next second I can wear it. It’s amazing! Such a staple and I am always  in a leather jacket for fall. If you don’t own one yet… Get on it and wear it with every piece of clothing in your closet. Shop more Leather Jackets HERE. Thanks for reading Xx

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Always late

EmmyLowePhotoMeg-7 copy EmmyLowePhotoMeg-12 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-5 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-4 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-16 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-21 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-11 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-1 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-18 EmmyLowePhotoMeg-2

Leather Vest: Nordstrom 
Denim: Similar HERE 
Shoes: Rag & Bone 
Jewelry: Alex & Ani
Photography by: Emily Lowe
On my everyday look I tend to gravitate towards Nordstrom Graphic tee’s!  It’s always my go-to for  everything because I can relate to so many departments. Soo today I snagged the ” Always late ” tee & if you know me, you KNOW I’m always late… ALWAYS! I try not to be! I tend to get ready, play with my dogs.. fix my hair more or try on more shoes… Blah blah blah. Ya sorry everyone- Im ALWAYS LATE ( I think they made this tee just for me ) Thanks for reading! Xx

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The Ultimate Bomber Jacket

EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-61 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-53 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-47 copy EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-64 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-44 copy EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-52 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-59 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-56 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-46 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-60

Top: Bastille / Simi HERE
Jeans: G Star Raw
Shoes: Zara / Simi HERE 
Necklace: Love THIS
Jewelry: Style lately
Photos: Emily Lowe
When I  first laid eyes on this Bomber Jacket… My jaw dropped, to the floor. Literally people!  What was going through my head was” Oh my gosh.. I want to wear it with Black shorts and some black flats or I want to wear it with my skinny jeans and my favorite fall boots.. The list went on and on in my head and when I see an item that does that to me, it means I will wear it multiple times. Thats major in making a purchase!  Take a looksie on what other apparel Kingdom and State did with this print HERE :) Xx

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Fancy VS casual

EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-14 copy EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-12 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9-1.21-10 1 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-16 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-9 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-3 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-2 EmmyLowePhotoMegStyledAve9.21-4

Casual Shoes: Converse
Dressy Shoes: Zara / Simi HERE
Vest: G Star RAW
Sunglasses: Quay
Bag: Balenciaga
Photography By: Emily Lowe

A simple switch of the shoe and a layer can change your look from Daytime to Nighttime wear! I love this casual look, Something with a dress and converse is just up my alley. I also wore this over the weekend with a Levi Jacket tied around my waist ( or on ). Hope you like it & Thanks for reading Xx

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