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Good Vibes

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Coat: Nasty Gal
Jean: G Star / Eyeing THESE
Shoe: Vince
Glasses: Celine / Look for LESS
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: John Hardy
Top: Nordstrom Crop Top
Photos by: Emmy Lowe

It’s a Wednesday night.
Got my comfiest on.
Turned Bon Iver on in my office and started blogging. Blogging makes me happy.
I never thought this is what I would be doing in life.
I started a blog as another market for my store.
I’m happy I started it.
You know what makes me smile?
Your fun emails, asking me fun questions, asking any personal question you feel and I love replying back and just being able to connect with people who think my blog is something they can relate too.
So Thank you guys who shoot me an email to tell me something they loved (Or didn’t love) about my blog. I honestly love it.
It puts a smile on my face I can honestly say I’ve never had more fun with life then I do now.
So thank you for even taking the time to look at my blog or to shoot me a little note, I wish you can see the smile that it gives me:)

MUAH! Xx (PS: So many pics today, but I loved this V-I-B-E)


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Light Denim

EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-5-2 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-9-2 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-12-2 copy EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-17-2 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-11-2 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-15-1 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-4-2 copy EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-8-2 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-33-1 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-16-2

Crop Top Sweater: Urban Outfitters / Similar HERE
Jeans: Frame Denim
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Beanie: Urban Outfitters (Mens) Want THIS
Bag: Celine
Sunnies: Celine
Jewelry: Alex and Ani, John Hardy
Photos by: Emmy Lowe

Well hello again. It’s Monday and I’m excited to be home! Went on a quick weekender to warmer weather and was so nice to get away, do a little shopping as always and eat delish food.
Hope your Monday is the best ever.
OH Ps: The Crop is sold out… everything I get from Urban it sales so so fast! So sorry if somethings aren’t the exact thing I’m wearing, I love to find other items that are similar or I think would look awesome! Just an FYI


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EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-1-3 copy EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-22-2 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-9-1 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-4-1 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-13-1 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-5-1 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-11-1 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-6-1 EmmyLowePhotoMegBlog-21-1

Top: Urban Outfitters
Skinnies: G Star or HERE
Jacket: Zara or HERE
Shoes: New Balance
Watch: Nixon or gold one HERE
Beanie: Snagged from Emmy.  More HERE
Backpack: Rebecca Minkoff
Photos By: Emmy Lowe

It’s Friday. I’m off to Vegas! Wahoo … Heading to a better land of shopping to get some new items for the big trip to New York next month. Also … wanna know a secret? While I’m in NY I will be looking at places to make a small little move:) I need a change. New Vibes. New adventures. New Atmosphere. New Lifestyle Routine. I love Utah but I would love to do something fun and crazy while I’m young single and no strings attached. So I would pack up my dogs and move (If everything goes smooth this trip) If not… looks like I will find a new destination to move to. Do you ever feel like being crazy and picking up and leaving and seeing where life takes you? Happy Friday!


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3 looks by Zach French

Photo Jan 16-11 Photo Jan 16-13 Photo Jan 16-12 Photo Jan 16-1 Photo Jan 16-2 Photo Jan 16-8 Photo Jan 16 Photo Jan 16-10 Photo Jan 16-5 Photo Jan 16-7 Photo Jan 16-6 Photo Jan 16-4

Look #1:

Hoodie: H&M / Similar HERE
Vest: G Star
Pants: James Perse
Shoes: Vince
Bag: Balenciaga

Look 2#:

Dress: Alexander Wang
Leather Jacket: Veda
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Waist Wrap: American Eagle
Bag: Balenciaga

Look #3:

Top: Nasty Gal / Get THIS
Jean: G Star
Sweater:Urban Outfitters
Shoe: Alexander Wang
Bag: Celine

*Photos by: Zach French

Had the opportunity to meet Zach French, a Local photographer here in Salt Lake and I love all his work he creates. We shot 3 looks the other day and I love his rich contrast and eye for shooting. Thanks so much and it was great shooting with you! If you are local, hit him up for a shoot.


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